Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Late BLOG

Having endured a long break from a source of fresh new music I have, at last, discovered the Noise Trader. A community website where artists leave their music for you to share and donate how you see fit. It's on line busking. I have downloaded a ton of great, fresh and invigorating music. The things in life I really value and enjoy are my wife, my children, music, books, family, community, feasting and training. These things are all a gift that no amount of money could have ever bought. I remain indebted to my father in heaven, my father and mother here and Jo's father, mother and family. Now all that is left is to share with them the good news that this isn't all the result of some freak cosmic accident that, in fact, their lives have real purpose and meaning. That all the struggles, frustrations and pains they feel are temporal.

At the end of my rope, without a glimmer of hope. A corps of engineers would fail to dam my tears. A telephoto lens, over my darkest sins, could help, chicken noodle soup and muddy cowboy boots I'm always anchored to my roots. If I fall of track, you've always got my back you'll guide me down the path, don't let me float away, from don't let me. When you get run down, fed up and all worn out, when your spread too thin, get up and try again, when your out of steam jump and dive back in, cause every things gonna be alright. When this life gets tough and you've run out of luck. I'll be here to tell you it's gonna be just fine.

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