Friday, April 23, 2010

वेयर दोई यूय लैक constraint

Now there's a strange thing there seems to be some kind of translation tool on my blog site title. The title is supposed to read where do you lack restraint? The inability to keep myself from writing stunningly boring blogs so that some time in the future I can look back and say, what a tedious, unimaginative, unfunny, stubborn, endless, mindless, worthless, heap of nothing I really was and am. I am nothing, living nowhere, I'll be forgotten at best in a generation and at worse in less than a generation. When did you last wake up and the first thing on your mind was your grandfather? For that matter when did you last go to bed without giving either of your grandparents the least consideration? See what I mean. You and I are meaningless. However, we do have the opportunity to effect the future. Don't expect to get thanks or recognition, but why does it matter if you have a lonely cul de sac, in a lonely town named after you? I tell you what's shocking and what people as a result find so ludicrous and difficult to come to terms with is that the God of the Universe, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit should love you, care for you, be interested in you, encourage you and want to see you serve well.

I've been contributing to the Army Rumour Service, ARRSE. The poetry and imagination on there is impressive. The degree of abuse, profanity and vile hatred is something you can't imagine unless you've experienced. Is it wrong to find this so entertaining? Try pointing out to people who openly profess to enjoy the most degrading sex acts, relish porn, love to see people drunk and violent and live in fantasy world of hedonism that they are loved, that there is hope and that they are loved beyond measure. Try telling them that in the truth there is freedom, purpose and reward and see the response, it's fantastic. Do you know that I am wetter than the sexual organs of a female whale? That I am a LCpl MGS person who was bullied and that someone wishes that 3 Para Mortars would participate in a group sex therapy session with me being at the receiving end of acts that the most perverse deviant sadomasochist would cringe at? The funny thing is that what I have to say about love and purpose does seem nonsense to these people and therefore boring. Thay are living lives that they make exciting, either in their imagination, through the internet or for real. If some of their testimonies are true I am sure that they are thoroughly entertained seeing others suffer, it is the ultimate act of corrupt minds living in a corrupted world.

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