Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Trouble We Face

The trouble is we face claim and counter claim. All our lives politicians have claimed they can solve the problem, however, we know from experience their solutions don't work. This leaves room for all kinds of people to claim they have the answer. Ultimately one will be disappointed when the next good idea fails. All the attractive people with their promises are provided the glare of publicity, the media is eager to show what it feels the public will enjoy and ultimately pay for. Students of media and arts beaver away with those who understand economics and business to provide the content the advertisers will support and people will watch. This is the cultural mandate. It is underwritten by the constitutional belief that you can believe whatever you like, you are free to choose. This is different from saying you are free to reject the truth and follow lies, but think about it, is there are difference? What is true is that you cannot force people into believing hence the need for criminal and civil laws and the growth of legalistic religions like Judaism and Islam. However, you can, given courage, share with those you love the truth. In fact claiming to love people and not sharing the truth is wrong, cruel, selfish and can only, eventually, lead to suffering. So love someone today by telling they are more wicked than they know and more loved than they could possibly imagine.

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