Friday, April 16, 2010


Jo and me climbed a hill in Wales yesterday. It was steep, there were places where we stumbled, there were others on the hill to have fellowship with, there was a heard of cattle that I had to shift off the path because Jo wasn't to keen to get up close and there was a stiff cold breeze that discouraged us from keeping going, However, we made all the way to the top despite some questions about whether we had the time along the way. That's our journey learning about the character and nature of God. The path is crooked but the shepherd is with us, giving us direction, and if we choose to stay close to Him we can be sure of reaching the summit.

We were in Wales to collect Cornelius from Peregrine's home. They have problems with moths caused by wool loft insulation that's going to require the roof to be taken off their home! Their moth infestation is of Biblical proportions. On the way back we stopped in Skenfrith Castle. Built around 1100 AD in wood it was rebuilt again around 1230 in stone and has been their ever since. There was a church by the castle in which all the books were damp but the homemade cakes, of which Jo bought a couple, were delicious. Did you know that there is legislation that forbids that church from selling cakes in that manner?

Of course the world is full of nonsense. That's why I am going to run up Chosen Hill to see my little slice of the world from up high. I am soon to leave this part and head out to Germany for a few weeks. A period of separation from my beautiful wife. That's the tough part of the job however, when apart Jo and I get opportunities to mature in other areas of our lives. So each new day is a blessing, a dawn and a chance to make a difference in people's lives.

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