Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't waste your life blogging

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Don't waste your life blogging when you can blog with purpose. How on earth do you get the humlity to admit that you have been believing lies for much of your life? You can't that's the point. I really hope you are reading this and you will at least see the rational. To pursue humility you need humility and because you see the world through the prism of your own prejudice then your humility, if you claim any, is a constuct of your own mind, it's false humility. You are pretending to be humble with comments like, "I really am not all that bright" or "look I may not be that clever but..." or "you are much brighter than me but I have common sense and I can see..." or "I am just a simple worker/LE officer/fireman, but". You say these things but in your heart don't you think you have it worked out, the truth, you have confidence in what you believe? If not that's a good start, if though you think you have humility it's a construct of your mind, you are living a lie in a destructive circle and need help. The trouble is that I or any other man cannot help you, I am just as corrupted, prejudiced and foolish. Even those who have the world's credentials are likely educated beyond their intelligence. Look at the Dali Lama, bright guy, apparently, but believing a lie, bright people believe lies have to be sharing lies, is that loving? You need outside help, the love of a pure father who loves you despite your vanity, ego and arrogance. Sweep away all the world's advice and look to your God who relentlessly pursues you.

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