Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charming and पेद्द्लिंग lies to the point of destruction

I understand your confusion. You've been taught be all you can be, fulfill your potential, have strong self esteem and awareness. You have the liberty to choose so why on earth should you accept one particular nonsensical truth claim that your rational mind knows is fable and myth? Besides, there's nothing to attract you.

On the one hand you have the likes of the retired General Richard Dannett. Respectable, suited and writing tiring prose in the old Daily Telegraph about the military covenant. He's reportedly a Christian, meaning that against all sensible thought, believes that a man who was dead, was then alive, walked through walls and spoke to hundreds, mmmm...? If he does believe that then the depth of his faith can't be that stong if despite his public platform he singularly misses many opportunities to share this belief in Jesus's deity.

Then you have Mr Bob Geldoff. Having read a profile/interview with him in the same newspaper I would rather hang out with Geldof, who seems altogether better company. He's not afraid to tell you his worldview, what he thinks is the truth, that humanity's got the answers and how to get through the life's devastating events. He waxes lyrically about love, laughs and swears a great deal. The interviewer shares in the laughter and evens cries a bit, which is kinda touching. If you were going to empathise with anyone's worldview surely Bob Geldoff offers far more than Dannett?

However, here's your dilema because you know that lies and liars are attractive. Dannett has been married, loyal and faithful to the same woman for 33 years, he's been dilligent, respected authority, and been a servant. Bob Geldoff's Wiki entry says he was committing adultery with Claire King when his first daughter was born and subsequently his wife left him for the arms of Michael Hutchenson. Now, I am open to persuasion but you'll have to have a strong argument to convince me that Paula Yates would have left him had he been loving her well. You can pour millions into charity work, be a successful multi millionaire businessman come rock star but if you drive your wife into the arms of a another man, who ends up committing suicide, then you are an abuser. The fact that Paula later died of a drugs overdose reinforces my belief that Geldof is no man - yet. And this is why I want time with Bob Geldof not Richard Dannett.

It breaks my heart that he has daughters. This man is a cultural icon, people listen to him, he helps form opinions and until a few years ago I would have been a fan. He represented living a full life, challenging convention, shedding a few tears and doing good work for charity along the way, a worldview that so many seem to respect. The suffering he leaves in his wake must be just an unfortunate by product of the kind of man he is. Do not be confused. These are the people, successful, wealthy, popular, charming and convincing that are peddling a lies to the point of destruction.

Real liberation come through truth found through genuine humility and submission. You want to be radically counter cultural, a rebel for the new age? Then be submissive to authority, get a job, love one woman and make her your wife. have a few kids and provide for them. Admit to your friends that you have been believing lies, that there is Truth and that you are going to give up your ideas and philosophies that you have seen cause so much hearache and destruction in your life and others. Get to the know the character and nature of that truth. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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