Monday, February 1, 2010

1 Feb 2010

It's a new month and new day, I want to learn. I fear if I spend too long writing I'll miss learning The dawn chorus has started. Listening to teaching on chapter four of Luke about the beginning of Jesus's ministry. Do you think Jesus ever heard a bad sermon? of course. Do you think he ever heard people grumbling about the service? mmm. Do you think in his local synagog he met people whose attendance was irregular and unreliable? The resources we have are infinitely more than Jesus had when he started his ministry. The fact that you can listen to the best Bible teachers in the world while jogging, vacuuming or shopping. That's an opportunity to study the Word of God! Let's repeat that "the Word of God". That's right, to your westernized, rational, educated, oh so enlightened mind that sounds nuts. Well let me tell you. "You need to be under good teaching, you need to be studying the word of God, you need to gather with people who are at least pursuing humility even if, like me, it's a struggle.

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