Saturday, February 6, 2010


I love you and want you to consider that only the Truth will set you free from the hostility, frustration and tension you feel. Today is a good day to come out from where you are hiding, cease your rebellion, lay aside addictions and start a loving relationship that will withstand whatever painful, cruel and bewildering experiences this wretched world has in store for you. Love comes in many guises. There is worldly love, such as the love of cars, food, girlfriends, boyfriends and even spouses. This is the love you feel for an attractive looking piece of chocolate gâteaux. The desire can be overwhelming until you have satisfied yourself, then the strangest thing occurs, your feeling change to animosity for that harmless piece of cake that your body is now busy storing as a fresh layer of fat! You think you love your spouse but he or she is constantly screwing with your head. Why are not measuring up to your hopes? What happened to that charming, attractive, sexy, fun person you first met? You just don't feel the way you did to one another, so like the chocolate cake or the once shiny, unscratched, responsive car that has now lost it's mojo you reckon it's time for a change. The trouble is if, unlike an England soccer player, you cannot afford a change, your going to have to stick with the old model and a lifetime of jokes about chains, sinks and loo seats.

Of course this isn't you. You and spouse, partner or lover are different from the rest of us, your relationship is special, you have a real spiritual connection. In fact the palm reader you went to reinforced what the Tarot card reader said which was reassuring because you were not sure if the horoscope you read about your relationship being stronger than ever was correct. Be afraid, be very afraid! This relationship provides you comfort, happiness, fulfillment and joy. Into it you pour your emotional, physical and spiritual treasures in fact, were you to study the meaning of the term worship, you would see that you worship this relationship that this person is the object of your adoration; you worship him, you worship her and it is the road to hell. The world loves that you worship this person. It encourages you to make this person the object of your desire and encourages you to make regular and extravagant sacrifices to display your love. WIth these sacrifices, the high paid marketing men and women tell you, you show your love, attain forgiveness and get permission for the relationship to continue. The trouble is that your god or goddess is false, he or she is a demonic deity and will fail to meet your expectations. The good news for you men is that thanks to secular divorce laws and the liberal educated elite's tolerance and diversity rules, you can easily move on and use your greater earning capacity to invest your treasure in worshipping a fresh, younger, firmer, different, 'better suited' victim (oh, did I say victim, I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings?). For women the damage, pain and costs tend to be much higher. Women's shelters, single mum's accommodation and the Child Support Agency are thriving thanks to the men who keep our prison population booming, our registry offices busy performing marriage version two and a multi billion pound porn industry continuing its cycle of exploitation and abuse.

The point is that you were created to worship. There are two choices, worship created things or worship the creator, it really is that simple. For the consequences of worshipping created things go out and buy a newspaper, take a walk down the street and look into people's eyes or better still, search deep into your soul. If you want to know who the Creator is, take a look at the person and work of Jesus Christ. Not an impersonal God who you have to please with physical sacrifices, pilgrimages, adherence or strict legality but a personal God who came in complete humility, lived in poverty and physically, experientially, demonstrated His love for us.

Now here's the good news for all those who feel insulted, patronized, hurt and angry. Our debt has been paid. All our foolishness, stupidity, bad decisions, lying, cheating, morality, neglect and pretending has been forgiven. Listen, we really are not all that bright or clever. And for the rest of you with more education than intelligence, you are not that shrewd either and you know it; if only the world would let you proclaim it so you didn't have to keep up the pretense. Lay the burden down, your pride will lead you to the pit of despair, we have been idiots but we have a redeemer and through Him all our sins are washed away. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, you need to know who you are up against.

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