Thursday, December 23, 2010

Truth Plus Obedience = Solid Rock Foundation

Truth in obedience out! :-) If only I had the wit, sense and intelligence to accept that teaching. Did I receive that sound counsel early in my life? I don't remember doing so and would I have taken any notice? It would have at least been useful to have received the teaching, responded and rejected the guidance for there would be no telling when dormant seeds may have sprung into life. Truth in obedience out, that's the rock to build a life on and lean into the future.

The truth is that I am now in a position to come to you in a loving way and encourage you to work out the truth with fear, urgency and care. With the Truth you are in a position to love well. I know you reckon you love your spouse, parents or children just fine the way you are, but wouldn't you like to love them better? Don't you love them enough to see that they deserve to be loved more? Wouldn't you at least like to try? If it seems too much like hard work then that's indifference and indifference is no less loving than hatred. Do you see? You need to know love to love and you have an opportunity to love in ways you have never loved before.

We live in a Pagan culture. It's the new atheism that says the body, beauty, youth, comfort, the environment is worthy of worship. The claim is that what we can see, touch, feel and scientifically examine is all there is of substantial value. However, love is very different. Those things you need for comfort, satisfaction or affection you cannot love. You cannot love what you need because love is not needy, love is not selfish, it is compassionate, generous and giving. Jesus did not coerce anyone into loving Him 2000 years ago, he served them. He does not and will not coerce you into loving him today. That's the big frightening idea. Your loving father in heaven is relentlessly pursuing you but He's not about to appear on a giant white stallion just now, to 'put the fear of God in you", he wants you to love him freely. You have the awesome responsibility of free will with which to love or rebel. Your call.

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