Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The mind

It's more about what you don't let into the mind than what you do. If people's minds weren't full of such nonsense from the world around them would there not be less suffering? Take the woman at the wedding I attended with Jo last week. The beautiful 16 year old when we first met, 1988, is now a mum of three wonderful children all below 9 years old. She is still beautiful and now a dignified and lovely woman, great company and fun to be with. Now explain to me why her husband decided to abandon a wife and three kids? Here's my explanation. It is because his mind is full of what the world drip feeds each of us everyday. From our days in the classrooms listening existentialism from teachers under the influence of 20th century atheistic philosophers. They tell us that God is an invention of man designed to oppress our spirits and control our behaviour, you can believe what you wish, take a version of the truth you find most plausible and that can be your truth. The man says this is an idea I like. That means even when I make a solemn vow until death I can break that vow, abandon that woman, and neglect those children? You bet sir. Women have equality now which means they can be treated as badly as men treat one another.

The sorriest state of affairs is when women are drawn into this desperate need for material wealth to numb the pain of a life lived disconnected from the source of our love. How we try so hard through our minds, ideas, theories, religions and addictions to be our own god, shaping the world around us to conform to our image and likeness. A world where fidelity is only necessary if there is a risk of getting caught, where porn is legitimate art, where the sexuality of culture and objectification of the female form is seen as victimless. Oh how easy to ignore the suffering of those we don't know. What a relief to know that our loved ones are safe. We are each facing devastation and anguish, it's coming to all of us. Do you really want to be alone, do you honestly think you can handle it? Are you so convinced of your god like statues that pride will see you through the pain? You will be utterly broken with shattered dreams and hopes. Oh to know the joy of being loved when you are utterly alone. To know the joy of loving strangers and enemies because you have first been loved.

The joy of knowing that the seeds of love, life, joy, hope and salvation are planted for the generations that will follow long after we are dead. Thank you Jesus for the gift of wisdom to explain to my sons their purpose, thank you for the gift of our physical bodies, for the knowledge that they are precious and valued, thank you for the wonderful gift that is the safety and security of a marriage covenant entered into with you at the centre. Thank you for loving that abandoned wife and her three beautiful children now that the passive coward masquerading as a man has abandoned them. And I pray that through your grace she may come to know you and may once again find a real man to step up and share with her the great journey of life lived in your light.

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