Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cultural Norms

The best way of supporting the sale and purchasing of porn is to day that it is a legitimate industry that generates jobs, creates business opportunities, it's a freedom of choice matter, is really nothing more than an extension of ancient erotic art, is daring because it challenges convention and prudes and is a strike for the libertarian cause. Nobody is going to be harmed, it adds spice to a relationship and provides an outlet for the libido of the would be sexual predator.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth. The reason why most people use porn clandestinely is because they feel the shame. Even soldiers who will sometimes watch in groups are doing it for reasons of bravado without much thought to the damage. This is an industry that ravages people's lives. I was in a quiet rural gas station yesterday and on display was a spread of hard core porn. Despite the plastic covers providing some protection from the graphic scenes the images viewable were quite clearly of 'women' being screwed. I use the term advisedly because this is screwing up the lives of women around the world. How does this affect the mind, thoughts outlook of the young woman behind the counter who has to see and sell that material?

You cannot avoid being affected by this industry as it rolls back the frontiers of 'tolerance' for graphic sexual imagery. There's your great cultural politically correct verb 'to tolerate'. Poised on the lips of libertarians and liberal intellectuals throughout the western world. In the name of tolerance the exclusive truth claims of Jesus are rejected as being intolerant of other religions. You bet He was intolerant. Christmas offers an exclusive claim. It is claims that reject Islam, Buddhism, consumerism, spiritualism. It is claim that says clearly that if you follow the world and reject Jesus you will go to Hell! If you are living in rebellion, reject Jesus as God and reckon that the world's scientific theories has the answers you have nothing to celebrate in Christmas.

Jesus was intolerant of women being marginalized from society just because they had been sexually promiscuous, adulterous, sold their bodies for sex, or weren't given the opportunity for community. After all his His Mum had been pregnant out of wedlock in a time when that could have attracted a severe punishment. People suffer because in the West we fund a global sex industry that makes the trafficking of young women and children and profitable venture. Please encourage your local retail outlet to consider this. Please tell him or her that Christmas is a time of great news. If he says Happy Christmas explain that there will be no happiness for those who reject Jesus for eventually every knee will bow and every tongue confess either today to rejoice at new life or beyond the grave from the cold dark place where souls who lived separated from God will reside forever.

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