Saturday, June 19, 2010

According to the Times there are 43 million Christians in the UK compared to 4.5 million Muslims. The Muslims are increasing ten times faster than anyone else. What are we doing about it? Are we standing aside like our father Adam as a passive coward while our wives, offspring, family and friends are tempted? You bet we are. We are exorted to declare the truth, proclaim the truth, go out into all nations, tribes languages and point people to the truth.

The problem is that we don't appreciate the threat. Despite 7/7 and 9/11 and the fact that instinct tells us that there is something really wrong with the world we are really in denial. We have invented all kinds of ideas, sciences and philosophies to rationalise the behaviour of the perpetrators of these serious crimes. And we have been encouraged by the liberal intelligencia, through our media and politicians to embrace culture diversity and pursue equality. We are counselled to tolerate alternative truth claims becuase it is oppressive, egotistical and imperialistic to suggest that we have the truth. I just dropped by to tell you that you are being lied to.

At your peril do you respond to counterfit truth claims with good advice and acceptance of multiple truths. The only way to counter nonsense, lies and religion is with truth. Truth is best gathered through the judicial process of examining the evidence. This takes time, care, thought and dilligence. Are you seriously going to dismiss my encouragement to study the person and works of Jesus Christ because you somehow feel your three pound brain has got it all worked out? Do you not see the arrogance and danger of a miscarriage of justice by dismissing the case without examing the evidence?

Just go get Mel Gibson's the Passion movie out on DVD and watch it with mindset that it happened, it's historical and there is evidence avaibable from multiple sources, secular and biblical. If nothing else it should stimulte a path of inquiry as to why human history revolves around a poor carpenter, from an inconsequential rural town, who was abandoned and murdered alongside two thieves and for whom there is no monument or grave. Come on you have to be intrigued by all this fuss, surely?

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