Tuesday, January 25, 2011

फ्रॉम थे हिन्दू From the Hindu Kush

It's all cultural. Our effectiveness will only change if we recognise our selfish motives. People openly talk about how their present performance is going to serve their career progress. The reason for the overwhelming majority of people turning up to work in the Death Star to help orchestrate the dispositions and activity of the Star Fleet is for their personal gain. I do not believe for one moment that the inhabitants of this solar system don't detect it. Now, as it happens, they follow a culture that is all about earning their salvation through strict prayer, fasting, honour codes, valour and sacrifice. They empathise with us, to a degree, though find it hard to understand why we would pay such a price as the blood of our sons and daughters for so paltry a return. They do not see what many on the Death Star also fail to see that within the weave of our culture still exists the will to love. It's scattered but one day will be gathered in a harvest. Just imagine when that harvest comes, are you going to be wheat of chaff? Don't so readily accept your destiny as chaff because there is a gift, it's called grace and it's available no matter how bitter and twisted your character, life and history. It's called light and life and lights a path to new passions, desires and appetites. Oh how easily to ignore such profound evidence in favour of what culture teaches you. How readily your pride prevents you from the humility required to repent. You helpless sinner, thank you goodness you are being pursued relentlessly with love, just turn and accept the hand of friendship, compassion, kindness, and generosity. It's not available through ideas, religions and philosophies. There can only be one truth and beyond the love of Jesus, ignoring his battered, torn and beaten body hanging on a cross for you, yes you personally, are lies, deceptions and nonsense. Think it through with fear and trembling and just imagine for a moement, what if it really is true.

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