Sunday, May 30, 2010

Being characterised as having a 'belief system' is tiresome. I am sure there is no mallice intended but you need to know that you are simply regurgitating politically correct nonsense. You see the thing is that the term was coined in the 60s/70s/80s by a radically athiestic education programme designed to eject Christ from the classroom. All well and good say those who don't believe Christ was who he said he was but the trouble is when you don't have Christ you have a vacuum and the laws of physics say that it must be filled.

As we know Christ, who was taught to my father's generation, has been replaced by the educated elites rational. They can explain why the generations of their fathers, grandfathers and forefathers believed all this religious nonsense. Clearly they were less evolved wingnuts, fruit cakes and lunatics. We, the enlightened genetic mutations of turbo charged chimps have modernity. We say, " there, there Adrian, if it makes you happy, well done, your belief system must be very nice for you but we don't need it so please keep it away from our children." "We have higher truths to teach them like feminism, environmentalism, democracy (as long as we remain in charge) secularism and equality and diversity." There is only one Bible verse these people share with their followers, that's you by the way of the cap fits, and that's, "thou shalt not judge".

So little Johnny isn't wicked, he just has attention deficit disorder. Give him a state provided educational pyschiatrist and we’ll be fine. The drunken daugher with an STD isn't bad for giving her body away cheaply, it's her body and she'll do what she wants with it, noone has the right to judge her. Your irresponsible idle boy, who shows little respect for anyone or anything and has no sense of duty or purpose beyond the goal of his selfish satisfaction is good at heart, he's just going through a difficult phase. These attitudes stink. They are uncaring, selfish, timid and unloving. When our children started to walk we grabbed them if they were running into danger and told them the truth. There was no reason given, obedience was expected and demanded. That's because we loved, cared and provided for them. So love comes with truth. If you just grab them without love it's cruel and if you love them without grabbing them, they'll run under a truck.

Put another way if you fill their heads with ideas, philosophies, facts, figures and qualifications without love, they'll be crushed and if you shower them with love without truth and learning they'll be lost. The trouble is as parents you don't know what to believe. You hear all these conflicting claims, great ideas, and beguiling stories and it's just confusing. You have heard that religion is the cause of wars, you have seen the oppression of ideologies like communism and you have been taught by Marxists (cunningly disguised as liberals (my apologies to the true liberals out there)), that truth claims are power plays. And then to cap it all you have been taught that you have your own ideas, make your own mind up, you are independant person, nobody can judge you!

I just came by to tell you that someone can judge you and you will be judged. The charges against you will be turning your back on the one person who loved you so much that he was willing to die for you. You will be judged for putting your trust in worldly things that are corrupted and decaying. You will be judged for looking at the cross and seeing the limp, bloodied, torn, dehydrated, stinking corpse of Jesus Christ and scorning it like the paid religious professionals who hung him there. You will be judged for choosing a broad, comfortable, non confrontational easy going path that leads to darkness, lonliness and death instead of the narrow, tough and difficult path that is in the light and leads to life. The historical truth of the Cross is not a power claim, as Marx so rightly says most truth claims are, but a true story of humility, sacrifice and love. It is the most liberating, inspiring, hope giving story ever told and it's all true. Add that to your list of equality and diversity lectures.

So please don’t characterise as someone who has a ‘belief system’. If you had the cure for cancer you wouldn’t keep it a secret, likewise if you have the truth that leads to life it would be unloving and completely lacking in compassion not to share it. I understand that if, like me, you wanted to reject Jesus Christ’s truth claim in preference for your own. You do however, put your faith in something. Something atttracts your time, treasure and talents, gives you purpose and hope and maybe provides you contentment and satisfaction. Given that’s the case I would strongly encourage you to test your truth claim against mine. It’s a short life and there’s a gift of truth with a new life of purpose, meaing and love greater than you ever imagined avaibable to you, you just have to face up and accept it.

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